During the presentations or workshops participants will learn about living from the heart, ways to move the physical body to release stress, meditation, emotional intelligence, self -care and our shared humanity. Participants will be actively engaged.

Heart Sense

Cultivating Awareness, Loving Kindness, Care and Compassion. The 9 Modules or Selected Modules from the book. Breath Awareness, Physical Postures, Meditation, Self -Care, Sensory Awareness, Poetry, Music and Sound, Awake and Alive, Environmental Awareness. Easy and Practical ways to soothe anxiety and create ease and peace.

Opportunities for Kids

Honest to Goodness Connections

The Problem with Busy
& Lessons from Pre School

This workshop is for anyone looking to deepen their connections with others. Participants will discuss factors that make it difficult to connect with people and be made aware of skills that allow us to communicate better and build stronger relationship with ourselves and others.

Introduction to Meditation

Learn the basics of meditation and ways to help you make your practice part of your daily life. Sessions include: restorative yoga practice and suggestions, guided meditation and Yoga Nidra.


Speaking with Adult Audiences

Tell me what you need! Presentations can be one hour, two hours or a full day. Workshops will be tailored to meet your organizational needs.

Yoga & Meditation For Kids Our Omphalos

Yoga & Meditation For Kids

Traditional Hatha Kids Yoga, Meditation and Visualization.

Our Omphalos Yoga 2

Heart Sense For Children

50 minute Interactive Workshop for Kids. The purpose of the program is to teach deep breathing techniques, and physical movements, by quieting the mind and body through simple meditation techniques



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    Get in touch with Jenn by using the contact form, or send a email to and she’ll get back to you promptly!